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The Scholarship Committee and members of our AAUW So Placer Board  met for lunch with our 3 Sierra College scholarship recipients on August 11th at McCormick and Schmick’s.  Our students are Melissa Wenzel, Carisa Lolmaugh and Micheal Wilson.  The students are all outgoing and entertaining, and the members thoroughly enjoyed interacting and learning more about them on a personal level.  The students also had the opportunity to learn more about AAUW and our members personally and how/why we’re members of the AAUW.  The Scholarship Committee attempts to schedule a lunch with our Sierra College students and AAUW members at least twice a year, as well to meet with them on an “as needed” basis, to support them and allow them to interact with more of our members at the luncheons.  The students also receive copies of Branch Lines each month and are invited to all of our activities.  Last year, when our students attended the “Kick-Off” meeting, they admitted that although they knew a little about the AAUW, they had no idea of all of our philanthropic work and how dynamic our members were and they were definitely impressed!  We’re looking forward to having them attend the “Kick-Off” again this year and to their having a successful school year!

August Scholarship Luncheon with Sierra College students and Board Members

August Scholarship Luncheon with Sierra College students and Board Members

(Left to Right) Melissa Wenzel, Carisa Lolmaugh, Micheal Wilson, Betty Manning, Scholarship Chair

(Left to Right) Melissa Wenzel, Carisa Lolmaugh, Micheal Wilson, Betty Manning, Scholarship Chair

Our Branch offers scholarships to women who are returning to college at Sierra College and meet the following criteria:

    • Must be enrolled in 12 units at the time of application
    • Must be enrolled in 12 units at the time they receive the scholarship
    • Must have a 3.0 GPA or better
    • Must have completed 24 units at time they receive scholarship
    • Must be a resident of Placer County, prefer South Placer County
    • Must be re-entry women with financial need
    • Must complete Budget Form
    • We will interview and select the winner(s)

Tonya Hart

  Tonya attempted to go to college 20+ years ago but it didn’t work out. Now, after a marriage of 21 years, raising two amazing daughters, a divorce and a serious illness, she returned to college.  Although her doctor told her she shouldn’t set her expectations too high, she’s soared!

In fact, she made all A’s this past semester and plans on doing it again for her final semester, during which she plans on taking 14 units (we only require 12 units for the scholarship)…….and her classes will include: Math, Statistics, Philosophy, Ethics, Psychology Research Methods and Symbolic Philosophy!  Very impressive! She will receive her AA-T for Psychology and an AA in Administration of Justice in May.  She’s hoping to be accepted into Edinburgh University in Scotland for her upper division education.  She feels she’s a role model for her daughters and nieces, that it’s never too late to get a  education!  We KNOW she’s a role model!

Pham Thi Kim Dung

Pham is an Accounting Major and plans to graduate this fall and continue her education at CSUS in the spring of 2019.  She’s very thankful for the scholarship, which has reduced her financial burden and allowed her to focus more on her schooling and the pursuit of her dream.  She has the strong belief that this world still has hands to grasp the hand (in other words, those who will help others in need).

I love the way she says this.  She thanks the AAUW for bringing hope and generosity to women who not only have the responsibility of learning but also the other responsibilities of motherhood, being a wife and a daughter.  She says this generosity has inspired her to help others and to give back to the community.  She hopes that one day she will be able to help others to get beyond their difficulties and get an education the way the AAUW has helped her.

Chair: Betty Manning


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