AAUW Funds

AAUW Funds support our mission and goals for engaging women from pre teens to post graduate education to expand their education and further their vision to help their communities, state, and country. The Funds are comprised of five separate funds, and members can request their donation be made to any specific fund or request that the National AAUW use the funds where the need is the greatest at the time. Contributions to AAUW Funds will be credited to our Branch Funds.

You can find more information about each fund in detail by going to AAUW Fund Description Pages. Briefly the five separate funds are:

  1. The Legal Advocacy Fund ( #3999),
  2. The Educational Opportunities Fund (#4336)
  3. The Public Policy Fund (#4337)
  4. The Eleanor Roosevelt Fund ( #9170)
  5. The Leadership Programs Fund ( #4339)

While at the local level our branch supports AAUW’s mission to educate women and girls through its Outreach Projects, our AAUW Funds Outreach provides other educational  opportunities: at the University level, we support women such as Michelle Segar, who is the associate director at the University of Michigan’s Sport, Health and Activity Research and Policy Center for Women and Girls and a behavior-change expert for notable sources like the New York Times, Prevention, and Women’s Health. Many women would not be able to move on to post graduate work without AAUW Funds assistance.

You will enjoy reading online the accomplishments of many other women who are improving their lives with the helpful assistance of our AAUW Funds which could use your contribution to these worthy causes.

Chairs: Sanchia Spandow, sspandow@comcast.net