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Annual Luncheon

Annual End-of-the-Year Luncheon and New Officer Installation
Tuesday, June 11, 2013

11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Legends at Woodcreek Country Club in Roseville

Human Trafficking Forum


Myth 1: Child Sex Trafficking is not happening in the United States.
At least 100,000 American children are being exploited through pornography or prostitution every year. Pimps commonly sell minor girls for $400 an hour or more on American streets.

Myth 2: Women and girls choose a life of prostitution.
Traffickers and pimps use physical, emotional and psychological abuse to coerce young women and girls into a life in sex trafficking. They often use “lover-boys” to recruit girls from middle schools and high school.

Myth 3: Victims of sex trafficking are runaways, using drugs.
Traffickers recruit at locations that commonly attract youth; like schools, malls, parks, even protective shelters and group homes. The average age a child is first exploited through prostitution is 13 years old.

Myth 4: Traffickers belong to organized crime and prefer to work in large cities.
Many pimps and traffickers are family members, friends, and “boyfriends”. They work at all levels but operate at the local level 50% of the time.

Myth 5: A small percentage of American men purchase sex or pornography.
Buyers come from all ages, occupations, and ethnicities. Forty eight percent of men admit that they view pornography. Buyers have reported that when they first bought sex, they were an average of 21 years old.

Elect Her—Campus Women Win!

Saturday, March 9, An All-Day Event at Sierra College
~Open to women and men~

ElectHerSierraThis student leadership conference encourages and trains college women to run for student government on their campus and then beyond college.

Organizers for the event include our AAUW branch in collaboration with AAUW National, Sierra College, and Running Start, a non-profit organization that educates young women abut the importance of politics and gives them the skills to be leaders so that they get the “running start” they need to achieve greater political power.

“Elect Her–Campus Women Win!,” begun in 2009, is reaching 39 college/universities in 2013. This year, AAUW National awarded 12 national campuses this FREE event. Sierra College was recognized as a recipient, the only U. S. community college to receive this distinction.