What AAUW Scholarship Did For Me

From a poor widow to a successful business woman, that is what having an AAUW scholarship did for me.  With a limited education, a young daughter and loss of my means of support, I knew my only hope was education so I started at community college taking a few classes as time allowed.  Plus I got a part time job as a clerk in a CPA firm.  While struggling to pay for even low cost community college classes, one of my professors placed a flyer on my desk offering help for mature women returning to college.  It was from AAUW and while it wasn’t much in those days, it was a lot to me.  I applied and was awarded a scholarship which enabled me transfer to Sacramento State.  After a few years I graduated, took and passed the CPA exam and was promoted to a staff accountant at the firm where I worked part time through my college years.  One thing leads to another and while there were very few female CPA partners in the accounting field, I was offered and accepted a partnership interest in the firm.  Working with great clients helping them with their business needs created a dynamic business for me.  In 1988 Governor Deukmejian, appointed me as the first female CPA to the California Board of Accountancy.  None of this would have happened without that scholarship.  So know contributions to the AAUW Scholarship fund make a difference.

—Janice Marcum